What should I set my AC to when I’m on vacation?
January 9, 2020

Learn the best vacation AC setting to keep your home protected while you’re away

We may live in the beautiful Sunshine State, but it’s still nice to escape on a vacation from time to time.

As you prep your home for going out of town, you might begin to wonder about the best vacation AC setting to use.

Our residential HVAC experts are here to help!

Join us to learn the right vacation AC setting to use, and how it can help you maximize energy efficiency and keep your home protected while you’re away.

You’re going on: a weekend getaway

Your best vacation AC setting: up to 5 degrees higher than normal (up to a maximum of 85 degrees)

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s EnergyStar program, every degree you lower your home’s ambient temperature below 78 degrees costs you as much as 5 percent of your total cooling costs.

Cooling an empty house to your regular degree of comfort is unnecessary when you’re away, so it’s best to increase the AC temperature instead.

By increasing the temperature by up to 5 degrees more than normal you’ll see savings on your energy bill, and you’ll be able to quickly cool your home to a more comfortable temperature upon your return.

Don’t be tempted to turn off your AC completely! Your system relies on recirculated air to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. If you turn it off completely while you’re away, your air conditioner will have to work overtime to cool your home down again once you return.

What’s more, Florida’s extreme temperatures and high humidity can cause serious damage to your home if the air conditioning is turned off. Your AC not only cools but also dehumidifies your home—and mold and mildew can very quickly become a problem in a house where the air isn’t circulating.

You’re going on: a longer vacation

Your best vacation AC setting: 5–10 degrees higher than normal (up to a maximum of 85 degrees)

For extended trips, the “Hold” or “Vacation” feature of your thermostat can come in handy. Use this feature to set a constant, efficient temperature in your home.

Over extended periods, humidity in your home can become an issue and mold growth can start at temperatures over 85 degrees. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can use this to control both the indoor temperature and also the humidity. You can also set it to begin cooling your home to your regular temperature the day before you return from your vacation.

Other AC tips to try before you go away:

  • Closing blinds and curtains will help keep your home cooler for longer.
  • If you’re going to be away for a long time, consider changing your AC filter before you leave. Learn more here.
  • Unplug household electronics and appliances, as they can generate heat even when not in use. Your refrigerator in particular generates a lot of heat—consider emptying and disconnecting it if you’ll be away for an extended time. Follow the instructions from your refrigerator’s manufacturer.

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