How our 20-point AC Tune-Up can help you save on your HVAC maintenance
February 12, 2020

Learn the benefits of our 20-point residential AC Tune-Up service

Scheduling regular maintenance of your HVAC system is critical to keep it working properly. 

We’re here to help! At JC/AC, our certified, licensed team of professionals has the training, skills, and experience necessary for proper HVAC maintenance and inspection. 

Learn how our 20-point AC Tune-Up service can help you save on your HVAC maintenance:

Avoid costly repairs and replacements

Regular HVAC cleaning and maintenance is something you shouldn’t put off. Delaying it can result in costly damage—and in some cases, a full system breakdown! 

With our 20-point AC Tune-Up, a certified HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your system and notify you of any issues that may need more attention. 

Increase your HVAC system’s efficiency

Your HVAC unit is prone to dust, dirt, and debris buildup that needs to be regularly removed. Over time, compressor problems, leaks, drainage issues, condenser coil problems, broken parts, and other issues can occur.

When your AC unit is working efficiently, it won’t have to work as hard to keep the house cool, resulting in lower energy bills and better air quality—a win-win scenario!

What does our 20-point AC Tune-Up include?

One of our certified HVAC technicians will cover 20 points of inspection to ensure that your HVAC unit is properly maintained.

Our 20-point AC Tune-Up includes: 

  • Condenser coil inspection and cleaning
  • HVAC air filter inspection and replacement
  • Refrigerant recharge
  • Condensate drain inspection and cleaning
  • Wiring inspection
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • And more!

All of our residential HVAC maintenance services include a 1 year service warranty and 10 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. 

To maintain peak performance, we recommend you schedule two AC tune-ups a year. It’s worth it! A well-maintained AC system will last longer, work more efficiently, and save you money overall with energy bills and repairs. 

Need AC? Call JC!

Our comprehensive HVAC maintenance services are designed to keep your system working perfectly. 

Our highly trained team specializes in HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. We pride ourselves in being quick and efficient without sacrificing attention to detail.

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