Why an HVAC service warranty is important
March 15, 2020

Why you should choose an HVAC company that offers a service warranty

Whether you own a residential, multifamily or commercial property, it’s clear that installing a new HVAC system is an investment. Therefore, it’s that much more important to keep it protected by a service warranty. 

There are many things you can do to protect your HVAC system including scheduling regular tune-ups, inspections, and maintenance. 

What is a warranty? 

A warranty is a legal guarantee by the vendor that the customer will receive a repair or replacement of the purchased product within the specified terms, situations, and time period outlined at the point of purchase. 

Why should I hire a company that offers an HVAC service warranty? 

Choosing an experienced, reputable, licensed, and insured HVAC company will lower the likelihood of potential system problems down the road, and can even help you avoid some issues completely. 

However, it’s still possible that something may go wrong, which is where a warranty comes in handy.

Having an HVAC service warranty ensures that your system is protected by the service company—so you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for costly repairs or replacements.

Hiring a company that offers an HVAC service warranty will also give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’ll be covered. 

What kind of warranty does JC/AC offer? 

At JC/AC, all multifamily and residential HVAC installations include a 1 year HVAC service warranty and 10 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

We also offer our own Protection Plan that includes regular maintenance checks, extra services, and discounts––which will keep your system running perfectly all year round. 

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